Set Your Heart Ablaze

Set Your Heart Ablaze

Winter has settled in quite good now, its foggy mornings and sharp cold are a daily habit, and the endless blue sky is hidden by a veil of subtle grey and off-white. I don’t hate it, after all its the natural way of life, the blue marble spins and dances around the sun, and while it performs its eternal dance, its get less warmth sometimes, and we in turn get something we like to call Winter and everything that comes with it, from its frosty nights and foggy mornings to its fairytale snowy times and rainy days. But I do get sad sometimes, because we are beings of warmth and every little comfort that comes with it. So a small part of me gets tired of the long nights, and the few hours of daylight are most welcomed. And I whole heartedly cant wait for the new-year festivities and Christmas’s celebrations, and I must admit that I have always enjoyed them since i was but a little child, and forever will I guess, if u catch my drift. For me I can honestly describe these days as the brightest days of Winter and the warmest ones of them all, figuratively of course. My city is littered with Christmas decorations and other new-year related ones, they light up at night with bright colors and they can be found at every park here, and they give a special mood that brightens your spirit no matter how bad your day was, and lets be frank, it cant be a good day, if you got to go to work and it feels like -10 degrees outside. Winter my have just settled in, but it will get colder and much more frosty and unforgiving in the next 2 months, and if it gets you at first, then SET YOUR HEART ABLAZE , grit your teeth and get through it, that’s what I always do, and you’d be the wiser to do the same.

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