The Elusive Enchantment

I believe that temptation hides in details. I call it “the elusive enchantment” because these minuscule details are difficult to catch. It is a casually thrown joke, confidence with which he helps you to put on a coat, a sudden smile that ignites sparkles in his eyes, the fresh smell of his mint chewing gum when he bends over to tell you something, a glimpse of a tattoo on his collarbone, or the way his fingers effortlessly run over a piano or a guitar.  However, my favorite kind of magic is the fragrance. The perfume is a novel, a movie, a song. It is a whole universe associated with a certain person.

Woody smells remind me of summer, and I can feel the heat of July afternoon, and see rosy apples on the branches of an old tree rocked by the flirtatious wind in our garden. I can see a cloudless blue sky and myself smiling at it. I breathe the perfume in, and I still can feel the overwhelming happiness of that wonderful summer.

Fresh smells reminisce of winter, and I can see snowflakes. They are white as a veil of a bride, yet I feel bittersweet, but I open that fragrance and I’m carried away by frosty mornings and colourful coffee cups, cosy evenings in cafes, and long conversations over a cup of lime leaf tea. And I feel Christmassy and childish again. 

Floral smells evoke the memories of picturesque hills covered with violets. The wind is blowing my hair back, and I’m wearing old boots that are covered in mud and dew. Life is charmingly simple, and I know that I won’t be judged for speaking my mind. Lost freedom which can be brought back only with the smell of that scent.

What about the oriental ones? Golden smells of autumn. The beginning of the end, and first yellow leaves on trees. The exotic luxury of vanilla and patchouli, this smell is confidence. Its confidence of talking loudly, laughing loudly, throwing doors open, throwing hearts open, living here and now…

The temptation hides in details. Never underestimate them. And do not forget to put your perfume on before living your house. Who knows, maybe today someone will fall in love with it.

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